A Christian Letter to a Gay “Friend”

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Christian school told students to write a letter urging a (fictional) friend to stop being gay. (1:45)

— A Kansas town reversed course and will allow “In God We Trust” stickers on police vehicles… but there’s a twist. (4:30)

— A West Virginia school district finally settled a lawsuit involving Christian indoctrination in the classroom. (16:15)

— A school board member in Colorado justified her bigotry with Jesus. One mother wasn’t having it. (25:38)

— Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke was reported to the IRS for telling his congregation they can’t vote for Democrats. (33:33)

— The Louisiana Supreme Court dropped charges against a preacher who held massive, maskless, in-person church services at the beginning of the pandemic. (47:35)

— A shared delusion led to the exorcism and death of a three-year-old girl. (53:40)

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