The Narrow-mindedness of Organized Secularism

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— 81% of Americans believe in God, an all-time low. (2:05)

— Students at Seattle Pacific University protested their school’s anti-LGBTQ hiring policy by handing rainbow flags to the university president as he gave them their diplomas. (7:22)

— The Canadian Armed Forces just got its first Humanist chaplain. (12:45)

— A man wearing a “GOD” shirt tried to burn down The Satanic Temple’s headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. (17:55)

— A man who left flowers on his dead fiancée’s gravesite, only to be turned in to law enforcement by her preacher father, was found guilty of littering. (22:20)

— Christian cops are now saying COVID swab tests violate their faith. (27:37)

— Is the atheist movement too narrow-minded when it comes to pushing back against misinformation? (40:20)

— A Catholic school near Boston lost its “Catholic” designation for keeping up Pride and Black Lives Matter flags. (57:57)

— A Jewish synagogue is suing Florida over its impending 15-week abortion ban because they say it would violate their religious beliefs. (1:09:27)

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