The Disturbing Responses to the Synagogue Shooting

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Kellyanne Conway blamed the synagogue shooting on anti-religiosity, not anti-Semitism. (3:04)

— Don’t invite a Jews for Jesus rabbi to speak after a mass shooting of Jewish people. (10:32)

— Muslims covered the funeral expenses for victims of anti-Semitic mass shooting. (16:35)

— Did the University of Utah properly handle the death of a student? (19:05)

— Don’t ever go to a gynecologist who does this. (21:30)

— The Pakistani Supreme Court overturned a death sentence for Asia Bibi. Will she be safe? (23:50)

— A Washington State Rep. wrote “Biblical Basis for War” manifesto. (29:50)

— Attorney Michael Avenatti may run for president as the Great White Democratic Hope. (33:22)

— Some young evangelicals are realizing Democrats practice what Christians preach. (36:40)

— In Alberta, a patient had to discuss end of life care on the sidewalk because a Catholic hospital wouldn’t allow it inside. (43:20)

— A Catholic bishop allegedly told kids that Santa doesn’t exist. (47:44)

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