Condemning Bigotry Isn’t Christian Persecution

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Happy James Webb Telescope Images week for all who celebrate! (0:30)

— How seriously should we take the allegations against right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson? (10:28)

— A Christian writer thinks she’s being persecuted for her faith. Nope. It’s just her bigotry. (27:02)

— A former Texas football star says he was definitely coerced into praying with his coaches despite what the Supreme Court now says. (45:35)

— The Christian hate-group Family Research Council is now technically a “church,” a move that allows it to avoid being transparent about its finances. (55:16)

— A female pastor’s progressive views on LGBTQ people were censored from a book celebrating female pastors. (1:03:52)

— A new bill in Congress would crack down on scammy Christian “health share” ministries. (1:14:38)

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