Biblical Literalism is Dying Off

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Why are insane Christians cheering the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones? (1:16)

— A record-low 20% of Americans say the Bible is literally true. (10:50)

— A right-wing activist said on a hot mic that she prays with Supreme Court justices. (19:55)

— The Biden administration is not trying to “promote atheism worldwide.” (38:35)

— Florida’s civics teachers are being indoctrinated with Christian Nationalism. (52:55)

— For many evangelicals, God and guns are linked together. (1:02:26)

— 12 Christians were arrested in Australia after the “faith-healing” death of a child. (1:12:18)

— Should elders in the Jehovah’s Witnesses have control of your files? (1:15:42)

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