A Texas-sized Loophole in a Christian Law

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A conservative Christian influencer wants women to stop touching themselves. (1:00)

— A Texas law requiring donated “In God We Trust” signs in schools has a loophole, and one atheist is taking advantage of it. (13:27)

— The Door McAllen, which staged a Christianized “Hamilton,” has apologized. (23:45)

— South Carolina stuck a $1.5 million gift for a Christian school in its budget. (34:29)

— The Big Bang Theory is not a hoax, no matter how much Creationists try to lie about it. (38:23)

— An article in Science recently connected a non-binary gender identity with a thirst for curiosity. And yet one professional science communicator is FURIOUS about it. (45:38)

— A leaked investigation into New Zealand’s ARISE Church reveals widespread abuse. (53:21)

— Scott Esk once said sexually active gay people should be executed by the government. He was nearly the GOP’s candidate for a State House seat in Oklahoma. (1:03:35)

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