“Unwise” DMs from a Christian Leader

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Christian pastor and church planter Matt Chandler is on a leave of absence because of “unwise” DMs he sent to a woman on Instagram. (4:20)

— Valley Christian Academy in California will forfeit an upcoming football game rather than play an opposing team that has two girls on the roster. (22:00)

— Wisconsin Republican Peter Schmidt wants to pass anti-LGBTQ policies but doesn’t want anyone knowing about his own homosexuality. (32:20)

— Catholic Charities in Omaha held a fake active shooter drill that traumatized countless employees. (43:03)

— Christian hate-preacher Joe Jones listed out the evil people you should avoid and there’s a pleasant surprise on the list. (49:15)

— Despite a Supreme Court win, nearly all of Maine’s Christian schools are rejecting state funding. (51:19)

— Texas State Sen. Bryan Hughes is trying to fix up his horribly written “In God We Trust” law. (57:00)

— Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann insists the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were based on the Bible. She’s lying. (1:06:50)

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