The Tragedy of the Kenyan Starvation Cult

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Kenyan cult is allegedly responsible for the starvation deaths of dozens of people. (2:25)

— An Arizona lawmaker moved bibles out of a “members-only” lounge in the Capitol. She was right to do it. (17:31)

— A Christian student was banned from prom for wearing a suit instead of a dress. (28:19)

— A federal judge says Mississippi must allow religious exemptions for vaccines. (38:05)

-– Minneapolis will let Muslims amplify calls to prayer 24/7… which is a mistake. (46:19)

— Most Americans agree: You don’t need God to be good. (59:00)

— Christian missionaries will no longer be able to preach to kids in Oklahoma public schools. (1:07:28)

— The beliefs of an exorcism-obsessed church caused a deadly accident in Australia. (1:12:25)

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