The Senator Who Didn’t Swear an Oath on the Bible

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The religious makeup of the new Congress and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema‘s oath of office. (1:47)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can dance and conservatives are furious. (25:28)

Rep. Rashida Tlaib told a crowd the Democratic House would ITMFA. (31:30)

— What Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s presidential campaign could mean. (35:40)

— Preacher John Piper wants you to “marry your Bible” this year. (39:12)

— Female Mormon missionaries can wear pants now. (41:02)

Jerry Falwell, Jr. said there’s nothing Donald Trump can do to lose the support of evangelical leaders. (45:46)

— An experiment to lure Jewish families to Alabama for $50,000 per family didn’t work. (50:55)

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