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Fred Clark, Progressive Christian Blogger

Fred Clark is a progressive evangelical Christian blogger better known as Slacktivist. He’s one of those Christians who defies all the stereotypes atheists tend to have of Christians. He’s for gay marriage, critical of church leaders, and constantly frustrated with what his “tribe” does in the name of Jesus.

We spoke with Fred about why he’s still working on the longest-running book review ever, what will happen to the Christian church after gay marriage becomes legal everywhere, and how Christians can change church culture from the inside.

Full disclosure: Fred writes for Patheos, the same network on which you can find the Friendly Atheist blog.

Jeff Lewis, Illinois Christian Home Educators

Jeff Lewis is a board member of the Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE). ICHE is a group that promotes faith-based home-schooling and provides a variety of resources to Christian parents who want to do that. He’s an attorney who specializes in topics including estate planning and guardianship issues. He and his wife have five children, all of whom have been home-schooled.

We asked him to join us to give us an insight into a world we know little about, not to debate him on aspects of homeschooling. Still, the conversation will likely infuriate some listeners (you’ve been warned).

We spoke with Jeff about whether homeschooling should be regulated by the state, why public schools are a problem for some Christians, and what to do about kids who fall through the cracks.

Steve Wells, Skeptics Annotated Bible

Steve Wells is the author of the amazing Skeptics Annotated Bible, which documents all the contradictions and horrible things the Bible says. It’s one of the most useful websites for atheists I have ever seen and you can check it out at The print version of the book is a must-have. Wells is also the author of Drunk with Blood, which documents all of God’s killings in the Bible. His newest book is called Strange Flesh, and it’s about how the Bible is used to justify anti-gay bigotry or, depending on who you talk to, support LGBT rights.

We spoke with Steve about his time in seminary, how one documents the number of deaths during an imaginary flood, and how Christian LGBT-rights advocate Matthew Vines gets it wrong.