Jerry DeWitt, Pentecostal Preacher Turned Outspoken Atheist

Jerry DeWitt was a Pentecostal preacher from Louisiana whose faith began cracking a few years ago. At first, he battled with his doubts internally, but he soon realized he no longer believed what he had been saying from the pulpit for nearly 25 years.

When he finally declared — publicly — that he was an atheist, his life began to fall apart. He wrote about his deconversion in his book Hope After Faith. You may have also seen him in the recent CNN special “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers.”

Hemant spoke with Jerry recently about what led him to initially doubt his religious beliefs, his journey through the Clergy Project, and how he can still get himself into “preacher mode” when speaking.

(Jessica will return to the show in a couple of weeks!)

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