Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Virginia Secession Plan

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A personal story from Hemant. (0:10)

Jerry Falwell, Jr. wants some Virginia counties to secede and join West Virginia. (18:05)

— Devout Mormons don’t want the Church to be transparent about its finances. (23:05)

— Anti-abortion zealots can’t believe the Super Bowl will allow a commercial with drag queens. (27:52)

Franklin Graham is getting banned all over the UK due to his bigotry. (35:40)

— A Mississippi lawmaker wants to force kids to say Christian prayers in school. (38:06)

— A hypocritical preacher is blaming atheists for catching him in the act. (45:05)

— Being gay is apparently an obstacle to refugees seeking asylum. (49:03)

— The Satanic Temple has a message for MAGA cultist Paula White after she remarked on Satanic pregnancies. (52:17)

— A New Mexico billboard urges people to rethink abortion restrictions. (57:40)

— The HHS is now the “Department of Life,” according to the government. (58:05)

(Screenshot via Facebook)

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