Ray Comfort’s Audacity: A Review and Discussion with the Film’s Star Travis Owens

Evangelist Ray Comfort has released a film called Audacity with the goal of convincing gay and lesbian viewers to renounce homosexuality. Jessica and I watched the film (so you don’t have to) and we give you the play-by-play along with commentary. So there’s your spoiler alert!

After that, beginning at the 34:44 mark, we have an *exclusive* interview with the film’s star Travis Owens. He plays Peter, a very devout Christian who wants to spread the Good Word, but sometimes hesitates because it might be awkward. Because he hesitates, bad things happen — especially to gays and lesbians who didn’t accept Jesus into their lives.

In real life, Travis is actually very supportive of LGBT rights, which makes his appearance in this film both questionable and fascinating.

We spoke with him about what it’s like to work with Ray Comfort, whether he’s received more feedback from LGBT viewers or Christians, and why he took on a role that contradicted his personal beliefs.


You can read Camille Beredjick‘s review of the film right here.

Also, Ray Comfort spoke with us about the pro-LGBT beliefs of his film’s two stars and whether that mattered to him.

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