Vyckie Garrison, Former Quiverfull Mother

Vyckie Garrison was once a prominent member of the “Quiverfull” community, a rapidly growing Christian fundamentalist movement that bans birth control and encourages huge, “Biblical families” (much like the Duggars of TLCs 19 Kids and Counting fame). Garrison edited and published a Christian “pro-life, pro-family” newspaper for 16+ years in northeast Nebraska while home-churching, home birthing, and home schooling seven children. She made waves when she left the Quiverfull movement, divorced her husband, and began speaking out against the lifestyle.

She recently received American Atheists’ Atheist of the Year award and runs the blog “No Longer Quivering” to provide support to women and children who are escaping abusive religious movements and to provide the public with accurate and compassionate information on the unique challenges faced by the spiritually abused.

We spoke about what her Quiverfull lifestyle entailed, how she escaped it, and what advice she would give to other women in her position.

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