Alex J. O’Connor, YouTube’s Cosmic Skeptic

Alex J. O’Connor is a YouTuber who makes videos on the Cosmic Skeptic channel. He also runs a blog of the same name. I’ve really enjoyed his work in the few months since he began posting content and this was my first opportunity to talk to him.

We spoke about advice he would offer aspiring YouTubers, why anyone interested in becoming the next Richard Dawkins should start now, and whether there’s a difference between atheists who were influenced by the New Atheism books versus those influenced by YouTube (and if one is better than the other).

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  • Reply Kate February 22, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    I would like to comment on why there are less female youtubers and female public atheists in general. I am a female atheist and have found that most “atheist communities” are rife with sexism. So I have not felt encouraged to be a part of it.
    Women online are incredibly harassed, so the pay off is smaller for more hassle. A woman on youtube will be faced with comments that are mostly about her appearance and whether or not she should be treated as a sex object or not.
    And finally, women, and other people who are not straight white men, are less free to hold controversial opinions. It takes a certain level of privilege to put yourself out there with an opinion that is not widely accepted, and there are less women with that level of privilege than men.

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