We Worship God, Says the Confused President

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Donald Trump said “We Worship God.” All of us. (02:21)

— Trump’s ban on transgender troops. (06:21)

— The Colorado atheist who gave his invocation slot to a Satanist. (12:04)

— Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback will become a “Religious Freedom” ambassador… for some reason. (17:45)

— The Boy Scouts’ pathetic apology for Trump’s speech. (26:51)

— Ark Encounter will finally pay the Williamstown safety fee. (36:34)

— The anti-abortion crowd’s interest in reverse abortions. (40:04)

— Don’t get suckered in by a Catholic church’s seemingly pro-LGBT comments. (47:00)

— England’s NHS will ban prescriptions for homeopathic remedies. (54:34)

— A Pakistani village’s “reverse” rape. (1:03:30)

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