Atheists Are Helping After Hurricane Harvey

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Here’s how atheists are helping people in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. (0:38)

— An Illinois library board member was voted out of his seat after his anti-gay comments. (7:55)

— Should atheist groups speak out against Donald Trump’s DACA decision? (13:06)

— Alt-Right leader Steve Bannon says Catholic bishops support DACA only because they need people to fill the pews. The bishops disagree. (23:12)

— Ark Encounter just got its first rebate check, courtesy of Kentucky taxpayers. (26:52)

— Creationist Ken Ham doesn’t know what a light-year is. (31:30)

— A survey found that atheists are less open-minded than religious people. (33:33)

— The new Lord Mayor of Belfast skipped a formal prayer and everyone lost their mind. (37:03)

— The pastor who had to resign from his church after speaking out against racism and white supremacy. (41:30)

— The head of Focus on the Family thinks only Christians can teach kids character. (44:50)

— The Australian postal plebiscite and the woman raised by lesbian parents who claims to be forever scarred because of it. (48:45)

— An Illinois megachurch pastor’s awful sex sermon. (1:00:09)

— Texas churches are suing FEMA to get taxpayer-funded rebuilding grants. (1:09:50)

— Take care of your mental health, everyone. (1:16:45)

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