BYU Is Selling Caffeinated Beverages Now

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant and fellow writer Camille Beredjick have been working on a new book about the intersection of LGBTQ rights and atheism. Please support their Kickstarter here! (0:09)

— BYU is finally selling caffeinated soda on campus. This is the most exciting thing EVER, said Mormons… and nobody else. (7:12)

— Journalist Sally Quinn trashed atheists (again) while talking about her new book on spirituality. (13:52)

— Five football players at evangelical Wheaton College face felony charges after allegedly raping another students. (25:44)

— A peewee football team learning how and why to kneel during the National Anthem. (45:17)

— The world is ending on September 23, according to one “Christian numerologist.” (49:01)

— Got money to waste? You can buy Bigfoot Juice or Psychic Vampire Repellent. (52:55)

— Doctors and a judge intervened to save the life of a young Jehovah’s Witness. (58:59)

— Two Christian Right activists think homosexuality is unnatural since kids find it icky. (1:06:28)

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