Will Anything Prevent a Roy Moore Victory?

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Donald Trump screwed up Christianity 101 at the White House Christmas Tree Lighting. (1:17)

— Will anything prevent evangelical Christians from voting for Roy Moore in next week’s special election to the Senate? (7:36)

— In a tragic story, an atheist activist killed his wife, then himself, in a “suspected murder-suicide.” Be sure to watch Seth Andrew‘s podcast about this here, and consider contributing to a GoFundMe campaign for his daughters. (27:26)

— American Atheists’ new billboard campaign says “Just Skip Church… It’s All Fake News!” (32:24)

— Does the Creation Museum’s new exhibit make Creationists look dumb? Or did I speak too soon? (34:10)

— And what can we learn from Ark Encounter’s attendance numbers? (39:15)

— Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias can’t explain his biographical lies. (45:25)

— These Christian standardized exams are bad indicators of college performance. (58:13)

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