They Gave the Pastor a Standing Ovation for Assault

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— All the action in local governments: A secular affirmation, the end of one city’s invocations, how one politician compared atheist invocations to baby murder, a delightful atheist invocation in Florida, and two officials in California who aren’t standing for the Pledge. (4:46)

— Feminine hygiene products are free for public school students in Illinois and California. (18:32)

— An elected official told his committee they needed another man to fill a vacant seat because the Bible said so. (20:02)

Dan Harmon‘s worthwhile apology. (26:39)

— Megachurch pastor Andy Savage received a standing ovation for assaulted a girl decades ago then giving a half-hearted apology for it. (31:21)

Joshua Feuerstein said the actresses at the Golden Globes couldn’t credibly speak out against assault because they were “dressed like hookers.” (44:35)

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to spend $135 to spray coffee up your butt. (59:54)

— A Turkish scientist claims Noah called his son on a cell phone before boarding the Ark. (1:00:30)

Bill Donohue claims the Catholic Church is a “model” for handling sexual misconduct. (1:02:03)

— Singer Charlie Daniels doesn’t like that Taco Bell mocked the Illuminati. (1:03:20)

Donald Trump‘s “spiritual advisor” is capitalizing on her fame by asking everyone to give her a month’s salary. (1:04:37)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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