The Mormons Are Getting a New Leader

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Mississippi legislator wants to make the Bible the official state book. For the third time. (1:38)

— The head of the Mormon Church, Thomas S. Monson, is dead. What should he be remembered for? (7:21)

— South Carolina Republicans wanted to honor black people who fought for the Confederacy, but they missed a key detail… (18:48)

Roy Moore‘s Jewish lawyer is actually a Christian. (21:58)

— FEMA says churches can get taxpayer funding to rebuild after “Acts of God.” (30:18)

— “Raw water” is a thing now… at least if you’re rich and dumb. (35:42)

— This church has “documented proof” that God answers prayers. (43:04)

Bill Nye needs to read more books, says rapper who believes the Earth is flat. (47:23)

— A Texas mall just installed a giant Ten Commandments monument. Oh, the irony… (50:02)

— A Noah’s Ark replica broke free in the Netherlands and then caused massive damage. (53:33)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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