Paige Patterson’s Awful Advice

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Paige Patterson, a leader of the Southern Baptists, has horrible advice for abused wives. (0:42)

— The problem with Incels. (17:52)

— A Michigan Catholic school told girls they’d have to wear “Modesty Ponchos” at Prom if they were dressed too sluttily, but they caved after backlash. (31:09)

— We learned about a new fossil that marks a transition between dinosaurs and modern birds. Creationist Ken Ham isn’t buying it. (36:45)

— A Pulse nightclub massacre survivor says he’s no longer gay because of Jesus. (44:44)

Mike Pence takes great “joy” in Michelle Wolf‘s jokes about him. He should’ve read further on in the Bible. (50:10)

— Iowa has banned abortions after 6 weeks… because they want to get sued over this. (55:24)

— The House Chaplain is back on the job after getting booted. (1:02:11)

— Liberty University is the second largest Christian school in the country. But not by their math. (1:03:41)

— Survey featuring “Islamophobia Index” finds Nones are largely supportive of Muslims’ rights. (1:09:10)

Matt Walsh said something dumb on Twitter about man caves. (1:14:03)

— We answer listener mail! (1:22:00)

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