Throw Away the Used Communion Wafer

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The new Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the one right-wing group that opposed him (temporarily), and his claim that church/state separation is “based on bad history.” (0:30)

— This is why it’s a problem believing communion wafers are the literal body of Christ. (20:14)

— Apparently you’re not a real man unless you have a first-born son. (25:29)

— Kentucky can’t decide if religious license plates should be allowed because atheists would get to have them. (27:44)

Donald Trump‘s spiritual adviser Pastor Paula White says (wrongly) Jesus never broke the law. (33:00)

— A judge ruled against the least offensive atheist bus ad ever. (38:09)

— What did you do, Papa John? (43:47)

— The studio behind God’s Not Dead wants to make a movie about the Thai kids trapped in a cave. (46:53)

— The Center For Inquiry is suing CVS for selling homeopathic medicine in misleading ways. (52:40)

— Australia is punishing parents who don’t vaccinate their kids. Good. (57:52)

— The UK government is planning on banning gay conversion therapy. (1:01:10)

— A 12-year-old girl is working to bring a Pride parade to Buffalo Grove, Illinois. (1:04:20)

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