The Jesus Endorsement Didn’t Help

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Republicans just passed another bill to repeal the Johnson Amendment. (0:22)

— If you’re running for governor, don’t belittle someone who asks a good question about climate change. (6:35)

— Russian spy Mariia Butina infiltrated the government via the National Prayer Breakfast. (12:25)

— Science denier Jenny McCarthy has solid verifiable proof that a ghost is in her house. There’s even video! (25:45)

— Why a gay Catholic could help end the blood donation ban on gay men. (29:15)

Richard Dawkins doesn’t like the sound of Muslim prayers. Should we be offended? (40:05)

— White evangelicals don’t like that America is becoming less white. (55:26)

— An Alabama county commissioner with the endorsement of Jesus lost her election. (59:20)

Darla Shine, wife of the new Trump administration appointee, thinks women are just asking for harassment if they join the military. (1:02:17)

— House Republicans passed a bill effectively allowing anti-gay discrimination at adoption agencies. (1:04:19)

Ken Ham‘s merry band of Creationists tried explaining the discovery of a new planet, since it violates their beliefs. (1:10:45)

— The Humanist Legal Society, an atheist response to the Federalist Society, just launched. (1:16:04)

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