Cristin Padgett, Openly Atheist Texas House Candidate

Cristin Padgett is a Democrat hoping to win a seat in the Texas State House. She’s doing that in a heavily gerrymandered district in a very red part of the state. What makes her candidacy so unique, though, is that she has made public the fact that she’s an atheist, making her one of the only openly non-theistic candidates this election cycle in any part of the country. Not exactly part of anyone’s playbook in Texas politics.

We spoke with Padgett about how she can convince Texans in her district to support her, what she could accomplish with a Republican majority in the House, and what she learned from the failed gubernatorial campaign of Wendy Davis.


You can check out Padgett’s social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can donate to her campaign here.

During the interview, we also brought up the campaign of Daniel Moran (another atheist who ran for the Texas House) and an NPR interview in which Padgett spoke about her atheism.

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