The “Generous” Pastor and His Expensive Car

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Pastor John Gray, after denouncing “pulpit pimps,” gave his wife a $200,000 car. (0:30)

— There’s a financial scam that the Catholic Church says it has nothing to do with. How can anyone tell which one’s the scam? (6:59)

— A bishop said women who are sexually assaulted probably did something to deserve it. (10:15)

— The Supreme Court’s Trinity Lutheran decision is the basis for two conflicting legal battles. (14:30)

–Southern Baptists finally acknowledged their racist past. What about their bigoted present? (23:05)

— The Trump administration is cracking down on research that uses fetal tissues even if it could help treat HIV. (29:00)

— The child of atheist parents was discriminated against by her school, said a human rights tribunal, but her parents are still jerks. (32:55)

— There are sex advice message boards for abstinence-preaching conservative Christians. (42:52)

— A new poll finds¬†that atheism isn’t a political liability in certain situations. (47:29)

— A Christian author who said atheism and morality didn’t go together was caught having an affair. This is old news (sorry!) but a link about it is here. (53:40)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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