Cory Booker Won’t Be Friending Us

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant is speaking at the Freethought Festival in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend! Come watch! (1:24)

— A Catholic mother really doesn’t want students wearing leggings at Notre Dame… but students pushed back. (1:45)

— Tennessee is considering legalizing and regulating sports betting… but not on Sundays, because Jesus. (9:40)

– Fundamentalist Pastor Steven Anderson uploaded another old sermon trashing independent women. (14:50)

Cory Booker says he’d “rather hang out with a nice atheist than a mean Christian.” Great line or subtle jab against atheists? (17:45)

— A Christian lawmaker from Pennsylvania gave the worst invocation at the worst time, probably on purpose. (37:33) (Correction: I said the Muslim legislator was the first Muslim in the PA House. That’s not accurate. She’s the first female Muslim in the House. Apologies for the error!)

— Is it kind or creepy that Christians in Tennessee sent 40,000 handwritten letters to strangers about Jesus? (44:46)

— Houston’s Drag Queen Story Time will come to an end due to threats from Christians. (48:00)

— Rockland County, NY is banning unvaccinated children from public spaces. (56:00)

— Self-proclaimed paranormalist Uri Geller says he can “telepathically” stop Brexit. (1:01:22)

— A Texas bill would allow licensed professionals to discriminate against LGBTQ clients. (1:05:35)

— State-funded adoption agencies in Michigan, including religious ones, can no longer discriminate against LGBTQ clients. (1:07:14)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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