Don’t Handle Chickenpox Like Gov. Matt Bevin

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant is speaking at the Freethought Festival in Madison, Wisconsin next week! Come watch! (0:30)

— Hemant’s working on two new projects! Here’s what they are and how you can support him! (0:59)

— The Nones are #1… what does that mean? (5:21)

— A university in Calgary canceled a talk by an ex-Muslim atheist out of sensitivity to victims of the New Zealand terror attack. But when’s the right time to criticize religion? (10:55)

— LifeWay, the largest Christian retailer, is shutting down all stores. You’ll have to buy your Christians elsewhere. (18:31)

— FOX News’ Todd Starnes thinks we need “heterosexual history classes.” (24:28)

— Chick-fil-A is back in the news for its anti-LGBTQ ways. (31:26)

— If you want to help your kids deal with chickenpox, don’t do what Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin did. (40:58)

— An Italian politician who fought against mandatory vaccination contracted chickenpox. (47:33)

— A kid is suing his local Department of Health in Kentucky after getting banned from his high school’s events for being unvaccinated. (49:12)

— Christian moms are furious over a new supposedly sexualized Kit Kat commercial. (51:15)

— Georgia is on the verge of banning abortions after six weeks. (57:00)

— A physicist got $1.4 million for saying science and religion might be compatible. (1:00:18)

— The Neil deGrasse Tyson investigation is over. What did we learn? (1:03:50)

— The Irish prime minister and his same-sex partner had some words for Mike Pence. (1:13:28)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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