The GOP Repealed the Hippocratic Oath

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Donald Trump announced new disastrous “religious freedom” exemptions for medical workers. (0:25)

Pete Buttigieg had a weird week when it came to vaccination policy. (3:50)

— The Alabama House just passed a bill making abortion a felony. But something good for abortion rights happened in Kansas! Seriously! (8:51)

— Why are these men not going to jail for their crimes? (10:48)

Pat Robertson, in rare form, said something sensible about Creationism. Now Creationists are complaining about it. (13:59)

— It wasn’t heartwarming to see a BYU valedictorian come out as gay at graduation because we know what comes next. (17:00)

— A Christian college covered up classical works of art in textbooks. (21:30)

— After a school shooting, a North Carolina church used the opportunity to win converts. (28:18)

— A college president said safe sex is a myth. (31:08)

— Navy sailors were told to applaud for Mike Pence as if they’re “at a strip club.” (35:03)

— Fundamentalist Christian Lori Alexander says wives should always have sex with their husbands because it won’t even take long. (36:45)

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