Jerry Falwell, Jr. Has a Racy Picture Problem

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant is working on a new podcast and could use your support! (0:30)

— I’m sad to say progressive Christian writer Rachel Held Evans has died. (6:50)

— The Catholic Church has new rules to stop sexual abuse. They don’t go far enough. (10:58)

— A new Gallup poll finds that 60% of Americans could support an atheist for president. (16:30)

— A Texas lawmaker says vaccines are “sorcery.” (22:43)

— A Kentucky student who sued over pro-vaccine policies… now has chickenpox. (26:26)

— A Texas church baptized a man only after he held up a sign saying he believed “a lie from the devil” that he was gay. (30:55)

— Tell us more about these racy pics, Jerry Falwell, Jr. (35:20)

— Georgia’s anti-abortion “heartbeat” bill is as extreme as anything we’ve ever seen. (41:07)

— A Georgia mayor was revealed to be a racist… and she’s not even the most racist person on the city council. (45:13)

— An Ohio lawmaker doesn’t understand how ectopic pregnancies work. (53:48)

— Watching porn is bad… if you’re a conservative Christian. (59:20)

— A Minnesota woman helped end her state’s “marital rape” exception in the law. (1:03:37)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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