Can Idaho’s “Faith-Healing” Laws Be Fixed?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Mississippi Democrat filed a “trigger” bill to bring Christian prayers back to public schools. (1:00)

— Idaho’s “faith-healing” exemption has led to more children’s deaths, and one Republican told me he wants to fix that. (15:53)

— If Iowa passes a controversial voucher bill to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to private religious schools, one atheist plans to open up a Satanic school. (28:58)

Judge Alfred T. Goodwin, a church/state separation hero, died at 99. (39:00)

— Atheist activist Chaz Stevens wants Fort Lauderdale, Florida to respect religious freedom by honoring the Shinto “Festival of the Steel Phallus. (42:02)

— The ARISE Church in New Zealand hired an investigator to look into allegations against it… and now they’re punishing the investigator. (57:52)

— The Decatur County Sheriff’s Department in Greensburg, Indiana has been pushing Christianity on inmates in the county jail. (1:11:28)

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