SCOTUS and the Giant Christian Cross

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The Supreme Court issued a bad, but not the worst, but still weird ruling on the Bladensburg Peace Cross. (1:12)

— If you’re going to demand the cancellation of a TV show, make sure you’re going after the right company. (28:40)

— A Satanist delivered her second invocation in Alaska. (32:59)

— Christian Nationalist and alleged child molester Roy Moore is running for Senate from Alabama again. (38:48)

— An Alabama church just got permission to create its own police force. (46:15)

— A Texas town declared itself a sanctuary city for fetuses. (50:35)

— A church is refusing to pay the legal fees after calling for the Chino Valley school board in California to foolishly fight for Christian prayers at meetings. (53:50)

— A Catholic medical journal pulled a paper on conversion therapy after we pointed out its flaws. (59:27)

— The GOP Senate is confirming anti-LGBTQ judges at an alarming rate. (1:08:06)

Donald Trump called for a ban on flag burning. Because he hasn’t read the Constitution. (1:20:04)

— Trump is on the verge of inadvertently creating a “Bible Tax.” (1:24:07)

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