The Darker Side of the Creation Museum

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— This Christian writer thinks LGBTQ people get recognized 163 days a year. (0:29)

— A former staffer at Answers in Genesis has a lot of harsh words about her old employer… (6:22)

— … so does a former staffer at Liberty University. (16:13)

— Speaking of which, Jerry Falwell, Jr. thinks only business owners can have strong opinions about this administration’s handling of refugees. (20:00)

— A church’s Pride flag in a Chicago neighborhood was vandalized. (23:20)

— Surveys show we are becoming a less LGBTQ-friendly society. (25:16)

— An Alabama woman was shot and lost her pregnancy. Now she’s being charged with manslaughter. (32:28)

— An Alabama car dealership wants to give people a Bible, gun, and flag with every purchase. (36:04)

— A Florida library was forced to cancel its Pride Prom because of Christian bigots. (38:58)

— Tennessee will block people with online ordinations from officiating weddings. (45:38)

— West Virginia’s top Republican can’t decide when bigotry is okay. (54:03)

— Our president is a sexual predator. (57:35)

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