So Much for the Benefits of Purity Culture

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Hemant’s new Pledge podcast is now available for everyone! (1:16)

— “Purity culture” advocate Joshua Harris is separating from his wife. (2:43)

— The U.S. House chaplain blamed the “spirits of darkness” for Donald Trump‘s racism. (15:12)

— An AL GOP Senate candidate says TV is bad today because of all the “homosexual activities.” What is he watching…? (23:33)

— A NH Republican lawmaker has a hot take on slavery. (27:54)

— After asking Alabama for information about the death penalty, state officials asked her about her faith. (33:10)

— A Christian mommy blogger says godly wives must lose weight if their husbands call them fat. (38:27)

— A judge said the Duggar sisters can sue city officials who released documents about their molesting brother. (42:33)

— The GOP’s new human rights commission is full of anti-LGBTQ activists. (49:25)

— An Arizona Humanist group wants to challenge the part of the IRS tax code that gives a major perk to pastors. (54:32)

— Despite benefitting from a city’s holiday display policy, atheists demand neutrality. (1:00:41)

— Netflix is pushing back against a “Straight Pride” parade. (1:05:46)

This billboard in Detroit says “Trans people are sacred.” (1:10:01)

(Image via Christian Jewelry)

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