Atheists Know More About Religion Than Christians

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A Pew survey finds that Jews and atheists know more about religion than every kind of Christian. Let’s take the quiz! (0:27, with analysis at 19:08)

— An anti-LGBTQ Republican lawmaker from TN resigned amidst allegations that he was using Grindr to meet men. (25:09)

— The Mormon Church knew about a pedophile but never reported him to authorities. (30:30)

— Iceland has lost a glacier. A freaking glacier. (36:45)

— The congregation revolted after a pastor put up a sign saying “America: Love or Leave It.” (39:59)

— The Tega Cay Police Department in South Carolina put up a Christian monument, then quickly took it down. (42:40)

— The governor of Texas wants you to know Chick-fil-A is safe. (45:58)

— Secular “churches” are struggling to stay relevant. (48:36)

— A woman violently pushed a priest off stage. Was it justified? (55:50) (***Update***: We discussed what the priest said before the woman pushed him. It turns out that is false!)

— Another Alabama candidate for Senate wants to create a theocracy. (58:35)

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