The Mayor’s Prayers Didn’t Work

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— We’re having our first meet-and-greet in Chicago! Please join us if you can! (0:30)

— The kicker for the Chicago Bears did his job, therefore you must believe in Jesus. (1:41)

Dennis Prager thinks his YouTube propaganda videos constitute an actual university. (5:55)

— The Congressional Freethought Caucus has two more members than we knew about. (9:37)

— The race for mayor of Grand Rapids (MI) is between a competent leader and a Christian theocrat. (13:45)

— A school board president in Minnesota wants to know why they teach evolution. (17:33)

Saturday Night Live fired its racist new cast member Shane Gillis. (20:25)

— High school students who pray before football games aren’t defying atheists. (23:22)

— The Clergy Project has now helped 1,000 pastors who no longer believe in God. (26:50)

— A Republican mayor in FL is calling for action on gun violence because his prayers aren’t working. (28:30)

— Professional liar Sean Spicer says if you love Jesus, you’ll vote for him on Dancing With the Stars. (33:42)

— Research shows “thoughts and prayers” are so annoying, atheists would pay money to avoid them. (35:30)

— A financial watchdog for evangelical churches is mired in its own financial problems. (38:20)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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