Thank the Internet for the Rise of Godlessness

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— We’re having our first meet-and-greet in Chicago! Please join us if you can! (0:30)

— Impeachment is a bad idea, says Christian Right leader who constantly wanted to impeach Obama. (1:30)

— Why did America lose its religion? Thank the internet. (6:06)

— A GOP lawmaker wants to stop abortion because he loves gay people too much. (15:08)

— Be sure to test those rape kits. That concludes my TED talk. (20:04)

— This 90-million-year-old fossil remained buried because its founders feared God. (23:58)

Don’t do this with a child at church. Or anywhere. (29:23)

— Ark Encounter got schooled by a local superintendent. (31:48)

— The CEO of a Christian magazine is stepping away after accusations of racial insensitivity. (35:52)

— When you’re in the marching band, this is how you troll an anti-gay school. (44:30)

Donald Trump doesn’t do grammar so good. (47:29)

— People who think God is real say climate change is a hoax. (49:15)

— We found it. The worst right-wing take on Greta Thunberg. (51:35)

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