The Conservatives Lawyers Weren’t Worth It

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Wentzville, Missouri will pay the price for trying to silence an atheist who criticized their “In God We Trust” sign. (0:58)

— A white Kansas county commissioner told a black woman that he belonged to the “master race.” (4:35)

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert talked about religion once again, and it’s a joy to watch. (9:43)

— A 19-year-old progressive woman was elected to the New Hampshire State House. She ran after a sitting official insulted her. (12:00)

— The conservative lawyers in a major church/state separation case aren’t getting all the money they wanted because the judge said they’re greedy. (15:40)

— Kentucky’s governor is blaming mass shootings on zombies and abortions. (24:48)

— An awful video game lets you shoot LGBTQ people. (27:52)

— This Christian ministry’s contract with a public school district is bananas. (31:12)

Zayn Malik of One Direction says he’s not a Muslim. (40:19)

— Some Republicans in a Texas county want to oust a local leader because he’s Muslim. (44:04)

— People did not like these rainbow poppies on Remembrance Day. (49:38)

— After an anti-gay Christian burned LGBTQ library books, an atheist raised over $1,000 to replace them. (53:37)

— Why doesn’t the media cover religion with more skepticism? (57:00)

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