Even “Christianity Today” Wants Trump Gone

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Christianity Today‘s piece calling for Donald Trump‘s removal from office doesn’t go far enough. (1:11)

— These Christian parents sadly think their dead baby will be resurrected. Do they deserve criticism? (16:29)

— This anti-gay pastor was caught trolling for men on Grindr. (21:22)

— Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said he pardoned a child rapist because the victim’s hymen was intact. (25:24)

— The Mormon Church is allegedly hoarding $100 billion (with a B) meant for charity. (30:58)

— These GOP-approved federal judges are the worst. (36:15)

— Hallmark screwed up, then backtracked, after the Christian Moms complained about an ad with a same-sex couple. (40:25)

— Samoa is going after anti-vaxxers. Hardcore. (44:15)

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