Mitt Romney Did the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Donald Trump, without a hint of irony, said he doesn’t like when religion is used to justify anything improper. (2:45)

— FOX News is furious that Mitt Romney cited his religion when voting to impeach Trump. (6:20)

— Conservatives are still furious over the Super Bowl halftime show. (9:50)

— A pastor said God is the only reason he hasn’t murdered one of his critics. (22:28)

— No UK venue wants to make money off of Christian bigot Franklin Graham. (25:10)

— A Christian activist said he would vote for Trump over Jesus. (27:38)

— The ACLU held an LGBTQ Day at the Indiana Statehouse. (31:22)

— Indiana rolled back a proposal to help pregnant women in the workplace. (33:49)

— A 4-year-old is dead because his anti-vaxxer mom didn’t give him Tamiflu. (37:30)

— This new Starbucks ad about a trans teen is fantastic. (43:04)

— Planned Parenthood is expanding in Kentucky. (46:00)

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