The Foiled Biblical Oil Scheme

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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— Televangelist Jim Bakker has a silver potion that allegedly cures everything. And we mean everything. (0:38)

— A couple of Christians were caught in a wacky biblical oil scheme. (4:40)

— A Catholic priest wants to take back his “pedophilia doesn’t kill anyone” comment. (12:35)

— Why do liberals dislike Donald Trump? Because, according to one preacher, he’s too manly. (19:03)

Rush Limbaugh says kids can’t handle a president Pete Buttigieg because of the gay. (21:41)

— Tennessee lawmakers want to institute a tampon tax. (29:29)

— 60% of Americans say they’d vote for an atheist president. (34:15)

— Our government gave a proselytizing ministry more than $500,000. (38:25)

— The Air Force will finally allow non-Christians to wear religious items. (43:00)

— Questioning Trump’s pro-life stance is apparently a bad move if you’re an evangelical. (44:36)

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