An Anti-Gay Hungarian Lawmaker Got Caught in the Most Predictable Way

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— A mysterious monolith in California was torn down and replaced with a Christian cross by a bunch of racists. (0:25)

— Jehovah’s Witnesses may lose their tax-exempt status in Australia. (7:35)

— “Sky Daddy” went viral after a confrontation outside an abortion clinic. (19:25)

— A pro-Trump lawyer said being called “crazy” isn’t a problem since Jesus was called that too. (22:40)

— An anti-LGBTQ lawmaker in Belgium was arrested after fleeing an all-male orgy. (33:21)

— Oklahoma’s governor called for a day of fasting and prayer for COVID victims… even though he won’t actually help COVID victims. (39:35)

— Insane Christians helped water down a mask mandate in South Dakota, one of the worst-hit COVID states. (43:30)

— Atheists will convert after the election results are flipped, says preacher. (49:27)

— Scotland is making period products free for everyone who needs them. (51:30)

Eric Metaxas wants to fake-die in a fake war for Trump. (55:00)

— Jessica shares some personal news. (56:24)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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