Christian Writer Lashes Out at Elliott Page’s Success

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— Should pastors be blamed if their congregations are skeptical of the vaccine? (0:40)

— A Christian hate-preacher doesn’t know what a pandemic is, but he insists there isn’t one right now. (12:35)

— A Christian writer is furious that Hollywood embraces Elliot Page and not him. (17:45)

— Conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson is angry that a lot of Republican women were elected to the House. (24:15)

Jerry Falwell, Jr. dropped his defamation lawsuit against Liberty University. (27:05)

— Don’t send Bible balloons to North Korea. (30:35)

Michele Bachmann says her vote was stolen by Satan. (36:05)

— The Falkirk Center says the existence of successful Black people means systemic racism is a hoax. (40:02)

Sen. Kelly Loeffler gave her salary to organizations that hurt Americans. (45:10)

— A West Virginia teacher hosted a Homecoming dance by calling it a religious “vow renewal.” (53:50)

Ben Shapiro can’t handle Kristen Stewart‘s holiday rom-com movie Happiest Season. (57:50)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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