God’s Not Dead 4 Looks Bad, Even for a Christian Movie

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A naturopath was arrested for selling homeopathic COVID “cures” and fake vaccination¬†cards. (1:54)

— The God’s Not Dead 4 trailer is out… and we’re not optimistic. (7:20)

— The one mom at One Million Moms is very mad about “Kevin Can F**k Himself” for some reason. (22:30)

— Christian spelling bees miss the whole point of spelling bees. (29:00)

— The country is 245 years old, and one preacher thinks that’s proof Trump will return to power. (40:21)

— Anti-abortion activists say they’re going to launch a “pro-life” bank. (42:42)

— A mom lost her lawsuit against a priest who implied during his eulogy that her dead son was in Hell. (55:11)

— Creationist Matt Powell thinks the push to save endangered species disproves evolution. (1:00:29)

— If you can whitewash Canada’s residential school crisis as good for Christians, you’re part of the problem. (1:15:12)

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