Jim Breuer Has Given Up on Comedy

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— The Church of England will finally bless same-sex marriages. But don’t cheer just yet. (0:50)

— The Pope called for the decriminalization of homosexuality. Does it matter? (5:44)

— Stop praising Pastor Andy Stanley for pretending to care about gay people. (12:50)

— Former NFL coach and current commentator Tony Dungy hid behind his faith during an acknowledgment that he lied to people about kitty litter boxes in classrooms. (37:48)

— After a Mormon man murdered his family, why was his obituary so positive? (44:30)

— During a right-wing rally, former SNL cast member Jim Breuer  mocked flu shots, vaccines, and NFL player Damar Hamlin. (51:27)

— Anti-abortion activist Nathaniel Darnell celebrated the death of the former Speaker of the Georgia House. (56:52)

— 13 clergy members have filed a lawsuit “challenging Missouri’s abortion ban and several related abortion restrictions.” (1:00:45)

— Who allowed controversial “influencer” Woah Vicky to preach to kids at a Georgia high school? (1:04:55)

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