France’s Catholic Church is a Hotbed of Abuse

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— An Oregon official wants you to trust God, not doctors, with your vaccine decision. (1:55)

Pat Robertson has retired and there’s at least one reason to be sad about it. And here’s Jessica’s excellent cross-stitch with one of Robertson’s infamous quotations. (9:58)

— Facebook did not go down because of Mercury Gatorade or whatever astrologers believe. (20:48)

—  A new Christian makeup store doesn’t make any sense. (29:25)

— Christian creepster Logan Dorn still hasn’t apologized… but he rapped about cancel culture. (35:11)

— France’s Catholic Church is a hotbed of abuse, according to a massive new report. (38:09)

— Christmas has been canceled already. Or so Republicans say. (46:59)

— A survey finds that about 40% of Black atheists hide their religious views from their families, more than any other group. (51:00)

— Brazil’s top court has upheld a ban on missionaries trying to invade Indigenous tribes. (55:13)

— Several former members of Young Life ministries say they were victims of sexual abuse. (1:00:38)

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