The Beatification of John Paul I Makes No Sense

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A mom got ordained online, then signed off on 150+ “religious exemption” forms for students. (1:57)

Pope John Paul I‘s beatification makes no sense to reasonable people. (10:13)

—  Christian liar David Barton says slaveowners just didn’t read their Bible much. (22:40)

— Despite the French Catholic Church’s sexual abuse problem, its leader doesn’t want priests to break the “seal of confession” even if it helps victims. (26:15)

Joel Osteen‘s church is finally paying back some of the PPP money it got last year. (33:30)

— The one mom at One Million Moms is very angry with Credit Karma for acknowledging the existence of gay people. (44:21)

— Turns out being “vaccinated in Christ” doesn’t protect you against COVID. (51:30)

— A Florida police chief gave a speech encouraging other cops to convert their colleagues. (55:05)

— A Spanish archbishop is very sorry he allowed a risqué music video to tape suggestive dancing in a famous cathedral. (58:52)

— “Teen Challenge,” a Christian rehab center for kids, is far more troubling than we knew. (1:01:23)

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