What It Means to Be an Evangelical Today

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— A school district will no longer ban “Satanic” clothing after a Satanist complained. (1:32)

— Liberty University’s “think tank” was just a cover to elect Republicans. (6:05)

— A GOP official said society’s problems are all a result of not following God’s laws. (12:44)

— Liberty U. still isn’t taking sexual assault seriously. (15:15)

— Being an evangelical basically means worshiping Trump now. (23:12)

— A U.S. Senate candidate (guess which party) says church/state separation doesn’t exist. (35:30)

— Christian pseudo-historian Tim Barton says dads only need a “couple days” off after mom gives birth. (38:53)

— Most Americans want church/state separation… but don’t know what it means. (49:44)

— What is going on with the Chicago Blackhawks? (53:11)

— These Sikh men took off their turbans to save two hikers, putting decency over dogma. (1:08:36)

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