Aaron Rodgers and the Homeopathic Vaccine

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

— In New Jersey, an openly atheist state representative won his bid for state senate. (2:11)

Aaron Rodgers thought he could get away with a homeopathic COVID vax substitute. (10:30)

— If being the father to a known molester is your biggest claim to fame right now, maybe don’t run for office on a platform of promoting family values, Jim Bob Duggar. (24:14)

— A pastor arrested for soliciting sex from a minor was preaching just days later. (30:01)

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Richard Dawkins says the scientific definition of women excludes trans women, so does that make him anti-trans? (36:10)

— A hate-preacher is using Dave Chappelle‘s latest special to trash trans people. (49:00)

— A coalition of atheist groups are urging the Supreme Court to uphold a ban on Maine taxpayers funding religious schools. (54:59)

— Most white evangelicals wish America was a Christian-only bubble. (1:03:34)

— We lost Bobbie Kirkhart, a longtime atheist activist and tireless defender of church/state separation. (1:12:58)

— The HPV vaccine is working wonders. (1:08:04)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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