Was the Pledge of Allegiance plagiarized?

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Jessica and I spoke about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

Nebraska Sen. Megan Hunt helped defeat an anti-abortion bill with an incredible speech. (4:45)

— A school prayer case from 1999 was cited to derail an honor for a historic Black judge. (14:15)

Mubarak Bala was sentenced to 24 years in jail for blasphemy. (27:48)

— The Pledge of Allegiance may have been plagiarized from a child. (35:15)

— No deciding your sexual orientation until you’re 21, says conspiracist Rep. Lauren Boebert. (49:59)

— Most Americans know religious objections to the COVID vaccines are bogus. (53:44)

— Christians can’t hijack a football stadium’s PA system to promote Jesus, said a judge. (57:07)

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